Digitrains Ltd are UK suppliers of the Quantum Sound Industries aftermarket range available from QSI Solutions. For modellers of North American Railroads QSI has long been recognised as the state of the art for factory fitted sound whether the modeller is using DC (analogue) or DCC control. The aftermarket product range is growing and offers the prospect of the latest evolution of their sound without the need to buy a new loco.

quantum programmer

The Quantum programmer is at the heart of the QSI aftermarket range and is used for all decoder sound programming.  There are 3 pieces of software for the user:

Q1a Upgrade for QSI factory fitted sound in Atlas Gold , Broadway Ltd and Proto 2000 locomotives.

Q2  Upgrade for all grades of aftermarket sound decoder.

CV Manager for PC assisted decoder set up.

The latest versions are always available for free download.

Q1 Upgrade

Q1a Upgrade

This picture shows an upgrade chip (EPROM) fitted into a BLI loco.

There are sound files available for all factory fitted locos.  You can either:

Buy the blank chips and upgrade yourself using the programmer,
Order the chip with the sound loaded for you,
Send your loco to us and we will complete the whole process for you.

A special extraction tool is available to assist in the removal of EPROMs.

Quantum Revolution

The Quantum Revolution is available in two versions both of which have the same specification:

 Dimensions: Revolution-A, 0.99” X 2.86”, Revolution-U, 2.13” X 0.69".

The Revolution-A is a board  replacement decoder that will fit into many HO locomotives that have an Atlas format circuit board and the Revolution-U is a generic form.  The specification and features are the same in both versions; the only difference is the way they are installed. 
                                                                                                                                                                        Revolution A
QSI Revolution A
Maximum Peak Voltage: 25 V
Steady State Current: 1.3 A
Stall Current: (1 sec): 2+ A
Speaker Load: 8/16 ohm or 2 x 8 ohm in Parallel
Audio Amplifier: Advanced D Style Format @ 2 Watts
Light Outputs: 6 with 256 intensity levels ea.
Function Current: 100 mA
                                                                                                                                                                                Revolution U
    All programming modes
    Short and Long addresses.
    14, 28 and 128 Speed Steps.
    High Frequency silent drive
    BEMF Load Compensation
    Standard and Advanced consisting
    High Quality 16 bit sound.
Please note that the Revolution-U does not include a speaker as standard.

The catalogue of available sounds is extensive and still growing.  All sounds are available for free download from QSI Solutions website.

Large Scale Sound

There are 2 formats for the QSI Gauge 1 Sound decoder. QSI Aristo

Quantum Aristo

The Aristo is a direct plug on the circuit board of Aristocraft G Scale locomotives

QSI Magnum

Quantum Magnum

The Quantum Magnum is the same decoder but fitted onto a frame or terminal block to give easy screw connection to any large scale locomotive


Size: 1.27" x 2.2" x 1.5".
Track Voltage: 4.5 to 35 Volts
Continuous current 2.7 Amps; 3 Amps stall.
10 lighting functions.
Other functionality is the same as the QSI Revolution.


G Wire ReceiverG Wire Receiver

The QSI GWireTM Receiver is built for use with CVP Products AirWireTM
DC/DCC radio throttles.  It supports 28 Functions and has easy cable and plug connection to the Aristo/Magnum decoder

QSI Speakers

QSI Solutions offer a range of High Base and High Performance speakers to complement their sound decoders.

quantum engineerQuantum Engineer

All QSI sound decoders can be run on analogue layouts and later Quantum locomotives are equipped with our QSI QARC™ (Quantum Analog Remote Control) Technology, which uses special remote control signals to operate different Quantum features without the need for digital systems like DCC. Add the simple QARC controller, called Quantum Engineer, to your existing Analog power pack  and you can operate features that are otherwise available only in DCC plus features that are not yet available in DCC.

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