Team Digital provide electronic products that enhance the operation of model railways. These products are designed to work with Digital Command Control (DCC) systems.  Using their range of accessory modules you will be able to:

control turnouts (points) from a throttle and/or fascia buttons

    Implement and remotely control routes .

    Turn lighting on and off from a cab and/or fascia buttons .

    Remotely control electric uncouplers.

    Detect and indicate occupied track sections (blocks).

    Implement a signal system.

    Control semaphores in a signal system.

    Implement a realistic multi-track level crossing.

    Implement indicators and switches on a CTC panel-

    Animate devices using servos. 

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  1. The Servette™ is a DCC compatible accessory decoder capable of driving a servo motor. A servo is ideal for animation such as turnouts (switches), semaphores and crossing gates.


  3. Order number: SIC24AD Manufacturer: Team Digital
  4. DCC Compatible accessory decoder with 16 individually configureable outputs.
  5. The SMD84 is an eight (8) output DCC accessory decoder (HO & N scale) designed to drive point (turnout) motors. It features 13 local inputs and 8 internal routes.
  6. Animate your layout with semaphores, crossing gates and roundhouse doors. Move turnouts at prototypical speed. All controlled via DCC with the SMC4.
  7. Order number: SC82 Manufacturer: Team Digital

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