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DR5000 Multi Bus Command Station with Power Supply.
Connections for Lenz, Roco or Loconet plus onboard USB, Wifi and LAN.
Plug in Lenz, Digitrax or Roco handsets, they just work with no further setting up needed.
Or use with PC rail control software or wifi apps on smart devices. Set up required using configuration software.



DR5000 Multi-bus central features Connection options: Standard: USB

-Communication with computer/control program;

-Protocol L.NET or XpressNet V3;

- Virtual COM-port, speed 9600, 19200, 38400, 56800 of 115200 Baud.

- Firmware updates L.NET T

- Interface for L.NET devices (Controllers, Feedback modules etc.) L-NET B

- Interface for L.NET devices: (manual-)Controllers, Feedback modules etc. Max 12v/1000mA power;

- Interface for L.NET devices including boosters (rail-sync). Max 12v/600mA power; X-BUS/R-BUS

- Interface for XpressNet devices: MultiMaus, LH100 etc. Max 12v/1000mA power;

- Interface for R-BUS feedback modules. B-BUS

- Interface for ROCO Boosters, e.g. the MultiMaus boosters 10764 lan as a booster together with the DR5000! bereden RS-BUS

- Interface for Lenz-RS-Bus feedback modules. ext88N

- Interface for s88N feedback modules. Max 16 x 16 input modules (256 inputs);

- Interface for DR502xEXT modules (bi-directioneel). Track-Output

- DCC rail-output. Max 19V/3.2Amp. Lower voltages by other power supply. Min 14V. Program-Track

- DCC programming output. Max 19V/800mA. Automatically switches from Track-Out to Program mode so the programming rail can also be used. LAN

- 100baseT Ethernet. Can be connected to a local network via DHCP. WiFi/WLAN

- bgn Wireless network via internal antenna.

- Both networks can be accessed via UDP / IP and TCP / IP;

- Protocols: Lenz XpressNet and/or L.NET-TCP/IP;

- Wifi/LAN settings can be changed via a web-interface;

- The WiFi / LAN module can serve as an AP (access point) as well as a router between the DR5000 and WiFi home network (LAN). Control: Stop

- Disable Rail output. Go - Enable Rail output IR-Throttle

- IR receiver compatible with Uhlenbrock IRIS and Piko DigiFern (or other RC5/36Khz remotecontrols).

- 4 channels, per channel directly to be controlled/switched, 1 lok and 4 switches.

- Further control possible through X-BUS and/or L.NET (manual)controls, the DR502xEXT modules or via the USB/LAN/Wifi interfaces. LEDs: STATUS

- Power: Power supply present; Programming track indicator

- Load: Ouput load. Intensity is increased with the load. off = no load, on is is 3.15Amp;

- Short: Short circuit. Blink Code defines the bus caused the short circuit; Continue on is Track-Out USB

- TX: Data is sent to the computer;

- RX: Data is received from the computer. INFRARED

- RX: Valid IR data is being received. X-BUS - TX: Data is being send to the X-BUS - RX: Data is being received from the X-BUS. STOP

- The signals to Track-Out and the booster connection are off. GO

- The signals to Track-Out and the booster connection are ON. L.NET

- TX: Data is sent to the L.NET; - RX: Data is being received from L.NET ext88

- There is at least one input on the s88 bus active; Intensity increases with the number of active inputs. WiFi

- Active: The Wifi Network is active. LAN

- Link: The LAN is connected and connected to a switch / hub / router. ROUTER

- Status: The internal router is active. DCC: Locs

- 126 simultaneous operation / control of locs;

- F0 - F28; - 14/28/128 levels;

- Long and short addresses. (9999 for long, Maximum short addresses to be set from 0-127) Switches

- 2048 switches;

- Offset +4/-4 for MultiMaus compatibility General: Feedback

- 2048 feedback, which is the total of all possible buses. A smaller maximum could occur per bus

- Feedbacks from combining all buses in one series of 1-2048 Protocol conversion

- All protocols are translated to the DR.Cmd internal protocol. Every Bus/Connection receives specific and relevant data from the internal protocol. Power Supply - Included Modern, low-loss switching and adjustable external power supply. (15 - 24 Volt)


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