Our Top FAQ’s

Which speaker fits in my loco?

Sometimes we know but not always. Please open your loco up and have a look to give us a better idea of the space you have. This wil allow us to help you as best we can.

Do I have to use live frog points on digital?

No. You can use either types as long as they are fitted correctly. Live frog points are better for the same reason they always were.

If I use live frog points do I have to modify them?

No. You don't have to they will work perfectly well unmodified however, if you do modify them there are some advantages especially using frog juicers. We do not recommend modifying N gauge points as they're too small and delicate.

What is stay alive?

Stay alive are capacitors that can be added to some decoders. They store power allowing the locomotive to move over dead spots or dirty tracks.

Why has my train suddenly stopped working?

It coud be any number of things but the first step is performing a decoder reset. This is usually CV8 = 8 but check your decoder manual to confirm. This will put the loco address back to number 3. We recommened you test it on number 3 before programming it again. This cures 90% of mystery failures.



The idea of Digitrains was conceived over the dinner table and grew very slowly as doubts calmed missionary zeal. We finally took the plunge in January 2005 and are fortunate to be dealers for some of the best and most user friendly DCC equipment available.



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