This is Digitrains own page.  Here you will find our own products plus some products where we only carry one or two items from a manufacturer.


We have a range of transformers made in the UK for use with the systems that we offer.

    5 Amp, 15 volt AC suitable for all 5 Amp DCC systems.  Connects with screw treminals.

    3 Amp, 15 volt AC suitable for boosters, points and similar.  Connects with screw treminals.

    3.Amp, 15 volt AC with a connecting lead and plug for use with the Digitrax Zephyr DCS50 version

    300 mA, 12 volt DC, providing power for many accessories such as control bus panels.

Other Manufacturers

Where we stock only one or two items from a manufacturer we give them a home under our heading rather than have an even longer main manufacturer list.  Here you will find:

    Throttle Pockets from New Rail Models