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Motor Current: 1 AMP Maximum 4 Lighting Function Outputs with 15 Lighting effects. Current: 100mA (each output) Audio Amplifier: 1 Watt, 8 ohm load. Track Voltage: 27 Volts Maximum Dimensions: 1.7"x0.67"x0.28" Speaker not included. Tsunami Features New Sounds To take advantage of Tsunami’s increased sample rate and dynamic range, all sound effects have been re-mastered and re-digitized for the best audio possible. In some cases, completely new recordings using the latest in state-of-the-art field recording equipment were made to take advantage of the newer technology. Some of the many new sound effects included in the Tsunami repertoire include: Multiple Whistles and Horns - Each Tsunami offers several whistle or horn selections within each model making it easier to select the right sound of your favorite model. For example, the Southern Pacific 4449 has both whistles and an air horn too! Short Whistle (or Horn) - To supplement the primary whistle or horn, a short whistle control has been added to produce a short, snappy toot needed for many common whistle signals. Dynamo (Steam) - The dynamo sound effect has been improved to include the sound of the turbine windup when it is first turned on. Brake Squeal - This effect has been added to both steam and diesel models and may be activated manually using a function key or automatically when the engine is slowed to a stop. Water Stop (Steam) - The water stop effect can be activated with a function key whenever the engine is stopped and begins with the sound of the tender hatch being opened followed by the sound of water filling the tender. In all, there are over 22 steam sound effects (steam or diesel dependent) including the bell, air pump, exhaust chuff, coupler, steam release, cylinder cocks, snifter valves, brake release, side rod clank, Johnson bar/power reverse, blower, injector, pop valve, dynamic brakes, turbo whine, poppet valve, Fireman Fred and more. More Functions = More Fun! To help control all these sounds, Tsunami will respond to up to 14 function keys. Tsunami’s function mapping feature can always be used to change the control configuration to suit one’s personal taste. Sound Effect Processor Tsunami has four built-in sound effects that allow the individual sounds (i.e., whistle, bell, etc.) to be modified in a particular manner. Each effect is fully adjustable using the decoder’s CV settings and each effect can be turned on or off as desired. Mixer Tsunami’s mixer design incorporates several innovations. To begin with, there are 24 individual volume settings allowing each sound effect level to be independently adjusted. A master volume control has also been added so that the overall audio level can be easily changed with a single CV. Finally, the mute function provides a more pleasing fade-off/fade-on effect, rather than the abrupt cessation of sound often heard on other decoders. Playable Whistle Owners of Digitrax DT-400 or NCE's latest code update will be able to 'play' the whistle like never before! Dynamic Digital Exhaust Processor (Steam) The Dynamic Digital Exhaust (DDE) processor senses changes in the throttle setting, and automatically adjusts the timbre, volume and other parameters of the exhaust sound to simulate what would be heard from a prototype locomotive under similar conditions. Reverb A digital reverb has been included in the Tsunami system to add “spatial presence” to selected sound effects. By adjusting the reverb level and delay time, the user can simulate multiple prime movers for example, or the effect of operating in hilly terrain. Multi-Band Equalizer Each Tsunami sound system incorporates a multi-band equalizer similar to the “graphic” equalizer found on many of today’s home and automotive stereo systems. Tsunami’s equalizer allows the user to cut and boost sound levels by +/- 12dB over seven selected frequency ranges (62Hz, 125Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz and 4KHz) and provides the “ultimate” tone control. Using the equalizer, the user can easily compensate for deficiencies in the speaker installation to produce a flatter and overall, a more accurate frequency response. Similarly, the equalizer can be used to match the sound system’s response to that of the speaker. Consider a typical 12mm speaker. Limited by the laws of physics, this speaker will produce very little bass no matter how big a signal is sent to it. If the low frequencies are too great, the speaker will distort and eventually burn out. In such an instance, the equalizer can be used to lower the bass levels resulting in a clearer and more satisfying sound as well as a longer speaker life. Hyperdrive Motion Control System No, the Hyperdrive will not transport you to the next galaxy but it will make your locomotive run better! Tsunami’s motion controller incorporates all of the most advanced motor control features found in the DCC marketplace today plus a few new ones: High Resolution Speed Steps While most decoders today can support 127 speed steps, Tsunami has 2048 speed steps! Admittedly, there are no DCC systems on the market as yet supporting this many speed steps; however, Tsunami interpolates between speed steps during acceleration and braking and as part of its load compensation algorithm. The result is micro-fine speed control regardless of the speed step mode selected on the DCC system. High Frequency PWM Drive Virtually all DCC decoders used a form of PWM (Pulse-Width-Modulation) to control motor speed, At low frequencies, the PWM signal used to control the motor speed can result in an audible hum or buzz, especially in brass locomotives. To mitigate this problem, Tsunami uses an ultra-sonic PWM frequency adjustable to 39KHz, well beyond the range of human hearing and safe for coreless motors as well. Speed Curves Like all other SoundTraxx decoders, Tsunami provides a user-customizable speed table and an adjustment for starting voltage as well as 14 preset speed curves. Adjustable Momentum The acceleration and braking rates are independently adjustable and can be used to simulate the momentum of a heavy train. Additionally, in the event of a sudden direction change, Tsunami will first slow the motor to a full stop before changing directions and then accelerate back to the original speed. Hyperlight Lighting System All Tsunami digital sound decoders provide from two to four function outputs for controlling lights. The Micro-Tsunami TSU-750 provides two function outputs for controlling lights, while the TSU-AT1000 and TSU-1000 provide four outputs. Each output can be independently set to any of SoundTraxx’s 14 different Hyperlight lighting effects including the on-off headlight, dimmable headlight, mars light and firebox flicker. Tsunami also has a unique effect for steam locomotives called the “Dyno-Light” which synchronizes the lamp brightness to the “output” of the dynamo such that the lamp brightness gradually increases as the dynamo builds up speed. Another custom Hyperlight feature is the LED Brightness Correction. An LED exhibits a much different output response than an incandescent bulb. As a result, LEDs were historically not recommended for use with the lighting effects, as they tended to be over-bright and a bit lifeless. Tsunami now provides a control mode that corrects for the output differences resulting in a more eye-popping effect regardless of which type of light is used. Tsunami also includes the other the lighting features found on previous generations of SoundTraxx products such as choice of directional or Rule 17 lighting control, Grade crossing timers and an adjustable flash rate. The SoundTraxx Tsunami Digital Sound Decoders are compatible with the NMRA Standards and Recommended Practices. DECODER FEATURES: Compatible with the NMRA DCC Standards and Recommended Practices Supports 7 bit address modes for compatibility with 'simple' systems Programmable acceleration, deceleration, starting voltage Supports 14 bit address modes for addressing any Loco number up to 9,999 Supports programming on the main THROTTLE FEATURES: Supports 14, 28, and 128 speed step modes Speed interpolation provides smooth 128 speed step response in any mode Programmable acceleration, deceleration, starting voltage 7 bit consist addressing 15 pre-programmed speed tables and 1 user programmable speed table High Frequency Silent Motor Drive Load Compensation SOUND FEATURES: High quality digital sound Individual, adjustable volume controls One watt audio amplifier Polyphonic Sound Processor 16-bit Audio Processing Playable Whistle 7-band Audio Equalizer Reverb LIGHTING FEATURES: 15 Lighting effects supporting “Rule 17” or automatic direction control
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