Wifi Trax WFS-47 Quad Wi-Fi/DCC Universal Switch Machine Controller


Wifi Trax WFS-47 Quad Wi-Fi/DCC Universal Switch Machine Controller

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This Wi-Fi Switch Machine Controller provides Wi-Fi Control of four switch machines. The switch machines can be twin-coil, bipolar, stall motor, or end-switched motor. This product is useful when you have a group of up to four switches fairly close together. If you have more than four switches in close proximity you may want to look at our 8-way switch machine controllers.

This switch machine can operate various types of switch machines. These include:

  • 3-Wire Dual-coil switch machines such as those manufactured by Peco and Atlas,
  • 2-Wire Bipolar switch machines such as those manufactured by LGB or Kato,
  • Stall-motor machines such as Tortoise by Circuitron,
  • Other motor driven switch machines with an end switch - up to half an amp.

The switch machine connected to any one WFS-47 unit must be all either dual coil or motor driven. There is a switch on the unit to select one or the other. 2-Wire and 3-Wire coil-type switch machines may be connected to the same unit.

In-built charge pump, capacitor discharge unit doubles track voltage for dual coil switch machines

Fully compatible with DCC systems. Can use power from DCC Booster or fixed DC on track, or separate DC supply.

Input connections allow manual operation from buttons.

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