WFD-27 5A Wi-Fi/DCC Trackside Command Station/Booster


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WFD-27 5A Wi-Fi/DCC Trackside Command Station/Booster

The WFD-27 is a complete Wi-Fi DCC Command Station/Booster designed according to NMRA DCC specifications.

You can install it on your layout to provide bipolar DCC encoded power to your track or layout accessories. The DCC signals will be originated by this module and react to commands from your tablet or smart phone running an app that use the WiThrottle protocol such as Engine Driver by Steve Todd or WiThrottle by Brett Hoffman. You can also use the new UWT-100 from TCS.

Commands will be passed to a set of locomotives or accessories equipped with DCC decoders. Each locomotive will be addressed separately and be under independent control. The WFD-27 module may receive commands from more than one tablet, provided controlling the same or different locomotives. A roster of up to 16 locomotives or accessories can be stored in the WFD-27 providing custom function key labelling. An unlimited number of locomotives can be driven by providing any DCC address.

The WFD-27 also supports a programming track so that you can read and write DCC configuration variables in DCC Service Mode. You can program operational mode configuration variables on the main track.

Automatic protection is provided against short circuits on the track.

Requires separate power supply such as TR15DC5A.

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