ZIMO represents the most advanced state of DCC. Their aim is always to find and to implement the very best solution for any element of the system, beginning with the system architecture up to the software control.
While offering all high level standard features of the DCC world ZIMO has additional characteristics which make the system stand out from rival products. 

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  1. Zimo MX600R 8 pin 4 function loco decoder


  2. Zimo small 8 pin decoder Perfect for OO 8 pin DCC ready models to give them the best possible performance. 0.8A motor output
  3. Zimo MX634R 8 pin decoder

    6 function


  4. ZIMO 8 pin decoder 10 function


  5. Zimo's smallest drive decoder.

    8.2mm x 5.7mm x 2mm

    0.5A continuous with a 1A stall current rating.

    4 functions

    In stock

  6. Zimo 8 pin 10 function decoder non sound.

    22x15 mm harnessed 8 pin decoder.

    Stay alive wires fitted.

  7. MX630R 6 function Zimo decoder harnessed with an 8 pin plug.

    20x 11x 3.5mm 

    1A motor drive power

    Non sound.

7 Item(s)

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