ZIMO represents the most advanced state of DCC. Their aim is always to find and to implement the very best solution for any element of the system, beginning with the system architecture up to the software control.
While offering all high level standard features of the DCC world ZIMO has additional characteristics which make the system stand out from rival products. 

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  1. Plux 12 connector version of MX623

    0.8A 4 function decoder

    Direct fit no wires

  2. Zimo MX600R 8 pin 4 function loco decoder


  4. 1.2A, 9 function motor drive decoder with Plux 22 interface.

    Stay alive capability for added 25V capacitors up to 5000uF

  5. MX696S Large scale 4A 8 function sound decoder pin fitting with ribbon harness 55 x 29 x 18mm The measurements refer to the length of the circuit board without the break-off tabs with the screw holes, so the decoder, as delivered is 55 x29 x14mm
  6. Manufacturer: Zimo SUSI connection cable
  7. ZIMO MXTAPS Decoder test board for:

    Wired only decoders and

    6, 8, 12, 16, 18, 21 and 22 pin decoders

    Has a speaker and LEDs to test sounds and indicate all functions

  8. LOKPL96KS Loco board for all 696 type decoders


    2 x 20 pin sockets for all outside connections 

  9. Zimo High quality decoder test board for a wide range of DCC decoders up to Zimo's own MX696 range large scale plug in decoders.

    Caters for 6,8,12, 16, 18, 21 and 22 pin decoder types as well as wired versions too.

  10. ZIMO energy storage capacitors for use as stay alive 


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