Sometimes know as stationary decoders these units are used to control points, signals, lighting and other fixed accessories.

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  1. Materials for making 2 Signal Driver Cables for SE8C.
  2. SMBK Signal Mast Base Kit

    Includes 3 Signal Masts that can be used as Signal Mast Bases in any scale or can be painted and detailed and used as N-scale signal masts.

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    Adaptors common cathode to common anode

  4. Digitrax DS74 Quad Switch Stationary Decoder

    Order Number : DS74

  5. Order number: OCD001

    Add on DCC decoder for your Octopus servo driver

  6. Circuitron Order Number : 800-6206TB 

    Digital point motors with built in decoders and incorporating a handy solderless connector block for all your wiring. 

  7. ESU  Signalling specific accessory decoder

    The SignalPilot must be configured with the LokProgrammer due to its complexity. 

     It is advisable for any Customer to Download & read the manual before ordering.

     Also, please note, UK Signalling is NOT currently supported.

     Order Number : 51840

  8. Gaugemaster

    Order Number : PM20D


    Slow motion digital point motor with inbuilt DCC accessory decoder.

    Includes a handy solderless connector for your wiring.

  10. Circuitron Order Number : 800-6206

    Smail digital point motor 6 pack

19 Item(s)

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