Sometimes know as stationary decoders these units are used to control points, signals, lighting and other fixed accessories.

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  1. DS52 Dual Stationary Decoder for Snap Switches or Slow Motion Machines


  2. DS44 Basic Quad Stationary Decoder

    Basic Quad Stationary Decoder for Slow Motion (Tortoise Type) Turnout Machines.

    Add cost effective DCC control to your slow motion turnouts.

  3. DS64 Quad Stationary Decoder

    The DS64 Stationary Decoder allows you to install and operate your turnouts directly through any DCC system that has turnout control. 

    The DS64 works with a wide selection of hardware. From solenoid turnout machines to slow motion motors, the DS64 hasn’t met a turnout it doesn’t like. 

    This affordable, easy to install decoder will add another dimension to your operations.

  4. DS51K1 Stationary Decoder for Single Kato Unitrack Turnouts

    An easy cost effective way to add DCC control to your Kato Unitrack Turnouts.

    Small enough to fit within the point 

  5. Terminal Strip Mounting Kit Includes 2 terminal strip boards with resistors for easy installation.

    Each terminal strip board can handle from 1 to 4 signal heads.

  6. SE8C Signal Decoder

    SE8C Plug 'N Play Signal Decoder make it easy to add prototypical signalling to your layout. 

    The SE8C can drive as many as 32 signal heads with many popular LED signal types. 

    It can also be used to control up to 8 slow motion turnout machines as either turnout control or control for semaphore type signals. 

    Easy modular Plug 'N Play and additional accessories make it simple to add signalling to your layout. 

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  7. Digitrax DS74 Quad Switch Stationary Decoder

    Order Number : DS74

  8. Materials for making 2 Signal Driver Cables for SE8C.
  9. SMBK Signal Mast Base Kit

    Includes 3 Signal Masts that can be used as Signal Mast Bases in any scale or can be painted and detailed and used as N-scale signal masts.

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9 Item(s)

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