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SC2 - One 3/4 aspect or 2 aspect and route signal

Compatible with Train-Tech SK4,SK5,SK6 and other manufacturer's LED signals. (Not supplied)


This is a Colour Light Signal decoder module which enables almost any Colour Light LED Signal to connect to your DCC controlled layout - very easy to set up and use. Connect and independently control up to 2 pairs of LEDs - eg Two 2 aspect signals or a 2 aspect plus feather or a 3/4 aspect signal One-Touch DCC™ setting up - NO programming of CV codes etc! Simple 2 wire connection to either track or controller - no separate power needed LED’s connect direct to the module with fitted screw terminals - no resistors etc required Works with most LED signals where you connect direct to the LED's including Train-Tech kits or make your own Signals can work independently or mirror another - ideal for home & distant signals! Works with most controllers with accessory control including Dynamis, Select, Elite etc One-Touch DCC™ is a brand new way of instantly controlling your new signals or accessories - NO programming CV codes etc. SC2 - One 3 aspect or 4 aspect Controls one 3 aspect or one 4 aspect signal
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