Sometimes referred to as mobile decoders because it includes function only decoders without motor drive. There are literally hundreds of different decoders that could be classified in many ways. We have opted for size as “have you got one to fit in a “*****” is often the first question asked.
    • Small decoders are those that, in most cases, will fit into N gauge or smaller. Many are also well suited to OO/HO where space is tight.
    • Standard covers the majority of decoders for OO/HO use. They are all too large to fit in smaller gauges.
    • Large Gauge features all decoders with a continuous load capacity over 1.5 Amps.
    • Plug and Play includes direct plug in and board replacement types for all gauges.
    • The sound section includes all sound decoders with or without motor drive.
    • Function only decoders have no motor drive and are used mainly for lighting.