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A range of low cost self assembly signal kits to our new tooling with true to life OO scaling and modelled on real signals in North Norfolk. To make wiring easy the LEDs are presoldered onto PCB 'sticks' which just pass through a 5mm or larger hole made in the baseboard and your wires can either be wrapped around and taped or soldered on. The signals can either be wired to conventional switches and supplied by 12-15 volts DC or a 9V battery (resistors supplied) or controlled by DCC via a DCC signal controller / decoder like the Train-Tech SC1/SC2 or other third party DCC decoders from Hornby, ESU, Lenz, NCE etc. (LED signals are common negative) Self assembly colour Light Signal Kits Choose signal kits with or without LEDs Every kit includes a 2,3 & 4 aspect head plus a dual head arm, base, ladder and detailing such as hand rails, phone etc Aluminium 'post' included with each kit Low cost - adapt to your own design Control by switches or signal controller Full instructions included Realistic transparent lens style lamps with small decay - just like the real thing! Designed and manufactured in Great Britain Basic Signal kit with 2, 3, 4 aspect heads SK1 Plastic kit and post - no LEDs
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Delivery & Returns

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