Sometimes know as stationary decoders these units are used to control points, signals, lighting and other fixed accessories.

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  2. Wifi Trax WFS-87 8-Way Universal Wi-Fi Switch Machine Controller

    Order Number : WFS-87 

  3. Wifi Trax WFS-47 Quad Wi-Fi/DCC Universal Switch Machine Controller

    Order Number : WFS-47  

  4. This is a twin channel Relay Controller which can switch high power loads using controls from track Sensors, Mimic Switches, Sensor Signals and DCC accessory commands.

    Example applications include:

    • Start a coal loading conveyor when the train is in position

    • Remote control of models from the DCC controller

    • Activate a turntable when a train passes a Track Sensor

    • Boost Track Sensor outputs to control motors, solenoids, lamps etc. 

    • Automatic Train Control Click Here for more info

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  5. Circuitron Order Number : 800-6206TB 

    Digital point motors with built in decoders and incorporating a handy solderless connector block for all your wiring. 

  6. ESU Servo type accessory decoder

    Order Number : 51832

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  7. Digikeijs Order Number : DK50018

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  8. ESU  Signalling specific accessory decoder

    The SignalPilot must be configured with the LokProgrammer due to its complexity. 

     It is advisable for any Customer to Download & read the manual before ordering.

     Also, please note, UK Signalling is NOT currently supported.

     Order Number : 51840

  9. Gaugemaster

    Order Number : PM20D


    Slow motion digital point motor with inbuilt DCC accessory decoder.

    Includes a handy solderless connector for your wiring.

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